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Upcoming Ceremonies

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Astronun D Cosmic Meditative Listening Session

@ Home Radio, Seoul, Korea

Astronun D Tea & Sound Performance 

@ Sensorial Journey, Nadi Space, Seoul


Tea & Incense Ceremony Performance

for Nike Well Collective @ Seonwoongak, Seoul, Korea



Astronun D Tea & Sound Performance 

@ Digeutjib, Seoul

Astronun D Tea & Sound Performance 

@ Sensorial Journey, Nadi Space, Seoul


Astronun D Tea & Sound Performance
'Futuristic Farming Ritual'
@ Seoul Botanic Park


Astronun D Tea & Sound Performance
'Spacey Ceremony'
@ Our Week Seoul


Astronun D Tea & Sound Performance
'Spacey Ceremony'

@ Mumokjeok, Seoul


Jahresausstellung SoSe 2023 

Astronun D Tea & Sound Performance 
'Botanical Mandala Ritual' 
@ Akademie der Bildenden Künste Nürnberg 


Astronun D Tea & Sound Performance

 Salon de Musique 7th Edition

with Ylva Falk, FATAK

@ Paris, France

Paris Fashion Week

Tea & Breakfast Catering for Goldwin 0
@ Paris, France



Tea & Incense Ceremony
@ Joy Space, Berlin





Sankouin Buddhist Nun Temple Cooking Apprenticeship @ Koganei, Tokyo, Japan


Tea Ceremony & Incense Making Workshop @ A Pinch of Salt, Frankfurt, Germany


Tea Ceremony for Scheuble @ Zollanger, Neu-Ulm, Germany

Incense Making Workshop @ ITO projekt-raum, Stuttgart, Germany
Mind Cuisine Cooking Workshop at LAR Studio, Stuttgart, Germany


Herbal Tea Recipes for Nonfiction Paris Pop-Up Store @ Paris, France

Artist in Residence

May in Mustarinda, Finland

August in Narva Art Residency, Estonia

'XenoFauna Ceremony' (2022) as part of Stretching Materialities 

@ Veterinary Anatomy Theater, Berlin, Germany


Emptiness. Winter Solstice Ceremony 

@ Mark's Atelier, Paris, France

TEA-ching at INTIM/E Exhibition

by Isabel Lewis, Dirk Bell
@ Galerie Wedding, Berlin, Germany

Audio/Visual Recipe:

Golden Fields Forever

for Movement That Online Exhibition

@ Zero1ne, Seoul, Korea

'In the Spirit of Plants' (2021)

Performative Incense Ceremony 
@ Gallery Nine, Seoul, Korea

Online Virtual Lab Session for HyperObjects 

@ Naval LA, United States

Audio/Visual Recipe:

Love Potion Aphrodisiac for Yugen App
@ Porto Design Biennale

Bonfire Night Dinner Experience

& Kids herbal foraging workshop 

@ OY Museum, Onyang, Korea


MASS-Live Tea & Incense Ceremony

@ Cociety, Seoul, Korea

Exhibition: Tea & Incense Pillar Altar for Korea Craft Week
@ OY Museum, Onyang, Korea

'DAMBI's Health Center' (2020)

Tea Expo by Myongwon Tea Cultural Foundation

at Coex, Seoul, Korea

'Diablo Tea Ceremony' (2020)

for Paula Canovas Del Vas FW

@ Paris, France


Tea Ceremony for Ryodan Showroom

@ Paris, France



Incense Making Workshop

@ Small Studio Apartment Hen, Nara, Japan

Tea Ceremony & Incense Workshop

@ Quintal Bio, Porto, Portugal
Arte Sensivel, Guiranmães, Portugal

Instalakcje Festival: Day Rave

with Lou Drago, Isabel Lewis

@ Nowy Theatre, Warsaw, Poland

Tea Ceremony + Incense Making Workshop 
@ Löwenhaus, Gerswalde, Germany

Tea Ceremony + Exhibition

@ La Friche Belle De Mai, Marseille, France

Tea & Incense Ceremony

@ ITO projekt-raum, Stuttgart, Germany

Japanese Incense Making Workshop

@ R Y O K O Senses Salon, Berlin, Germany

Tea & Incense Ceremony + Workshop

1st Fiskars Art & Design Biennale

@ Fiskars Village, Finland

Opening Reception: 'Shades of Gray' Tea & Tea Food Curation
Sound on Matiere @ Orer Archive, Seoul, Korea

Incense Making Workshop & Tea Ceremony

@ Salon Icheon, Korea Craft Week


HIGH:TECH:NO Book Launching Event

Tea Cocktail Serving

@ PARCEL, Itaewon, Seoul, Korea

Andersson Bell Warehouse Party

Tea Cocktail Serving

@ Layer57 Studio, Seoul, Korea

A Midsummer Night's Ceremony - Tea & Incense Ceremony

@ R Y O K O Senses Salon, Berlin, Germany

THE TEA ROOM for Welt ohne Außen 

immersion/Berliner Festspiele

@ Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin, Germany

Antwerp Art Weekend / Tea & Sound Workshop with TCF

Table Dance, Antwerp, Belgium

Tea & Tea Food Catering

for Illustration of Botanist Exhibition

@ boan 1942, Seoul, Korea


Oriental Tea & Music Curation

for Le Vermillon F/W Fashion Show

@ Venezia Restaurant, Seoul, South Korea

Emptiness.Tea & Incense Ceremony & Music

with Masaki Hayashi, Katsuhito Imaizumi

@ Gallery TONIN, Seoul, South Korea




@ ATM by arts incubator

Ujeongguk, Seoul, Korea

Opening Tea Ceremony + Video Installation

for 목차(木茶) Exhibition

@ Boan 1942, Seoul, Korea

Tea & Sound Workshop with TCF

@ Park Hotel Tokyo, INFRA festival, Tokyo, Japan

Iced Lotus Garden Tea Performance

with Buddhist Nun Bubjin

@ Hara Museum of Contemporary Art

INFRA festival, Tokyo, Japan


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